Terms and conditions, and privacy policy

In a nutshell:

  • You are not allowed to use this service to redirect to any destination hosting adware, malware, viruses, or any questionable or malicious software, or to anything that would be deemed illegal or offensive in the UK.
  • This is a free, non-commercial service, there are no availability or persistency guarantees made; it may disappear at any time.
  • We will NEVER use your email address for anything other than password resets or exceptionally important site news.
  • We will NEVER grant access to your email address to a third party (unless legally compelled to do so with relevant legal documentation).

This is a personal project that I am opening up to the internet at large to see what happens. I do not expect to have to take it offline any time soon, but you never know; I am using this for myself, so I would certainly like it available ad infinitum. Database backups may be made occasionally and restored without notice. Don't use this for anything important.

Signing up for an account (currently) only allows you to track how many visits your shortcut has had; extra functionality may be added in future. This is entirely optional.

Nobody likes spam; we'll never sell/lend/distribute your email address, or open up the database to inspection by third parties, unless legally compelled to do so, which is highly unlikely. We will not send you email apart from automated account creation and password reset requests, or exceptionally important site news such as "we're closing down in a week, come grab your URLs before it does".